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Shield of Glory features four business divisions

each dedicated to enhancing your well-being both physically and mentally.


Nature is a sanctuary with the power to heal. We facilitate the connection between nature, people, and vehicles to encourage exploring the natural environment.


Within our automotive division, we proudly support industry leaders such as Hyundai, Kia, Mobis and Glovis America. Our commitment extends to supplying automotive accessories and parts that elevate the daily experiences of vehicle owners. Through our brands, ARSN USA and Autowear, we successfully supported anti-theft campaigns running by Kia/Hyundai nationwide, addressing the concerns of those affected by vehicle-related crimes.


Our dedication goes beyond physical protection; we also prioritize mental well-being. By offering car camping gear and accessories, including roof top tents, we contribute to a holistic approach in safeguarding our customers’ overall health and happiness.


Everyone should live in a safe and healthy space. With that in mind, we offer health and wellness products that provide customers with protection from harmful substances to promote a healthier life. 

Among the brands under SOG, BALOOM and EZWELL embody these wellness ideals. BALOOM specializes in manufacturing and distributing wellness devices featuring innovative technology, utilizing premium air chambers to unwind muscles and alleviate pain points. The BALOOM Back Stretching Massager has been acknowledged for its quality and effectiveness by editors from major media outlets such as Forbes and People. Recently, it proudly won "The 2024 Good Housekeeping Best Fitness Awards." 


EZWELL, our other wellness brand, offers lifestyle products designed for daily use. Among its recent launches, the filtered shower heads have quickly risen to become an essential household staple. These unique products feature "visible filters" that allow users to track water quality for a cleaner and more hygienic water experience.


PAGE 1 positions itself as a capable and reliable partner possessing top-notch marketing consultants in various product categories.


We successfully fast track clients into U.S markets through our in-house studio which produces content tailored to American audiences. Our diversified operations include e-commerce and marketing consulting services specialized for Amazon. With a commitment to excellence, we offer prompt logistics services that ensure efficient and timely delivery to customers.


In pursuit of corporate social responsibility, we focus on the first steps of well-being care and recovery. We extend a helping hand to neighbors and aid those in need of mental and physical restoration.

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