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ARSN USA Successfully Supported Anti-Theft Campaigns Running By Kia/Hyundai in 2023.

​In 2023, ARSN USA assisted anti-theft campaigns running by Kia/Hyundai nationwide, addressing the concerns of those affected by vehicle-related crimes.

SOG Launches EZWELL, a New Lifestyle Brand Offering High-Quality Products at Affordable Prices.

SOG introduced EZWELL, a lifestyle brand that features cost-effective products designed to enhance customers’ everyday lives.

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The BALOOM Back Stretching Massager won "The 2024 Good Housekeeping Best Fitness Awards"!

SOG's wellness brand, BALOOM, garnered recognition from over 50 major, media outlets, including Forbes and People. The BALOOM Back Stretching Massager was honored with the “2024 Good Housekeeping Best Fitness Award" and was listed as a "Genius Recovery Must-Have."

The BALOOM Back Stretching Massager = Sleep Hack!

The BALOOM Back Stretching Massager was introduced as a sleep hack celebrating National Sleep Awareness Month in March through Fox29 Philadelphia.


The lifestyle expert hosting the segment, Tomika Bryant, highlighted Baloom’s Stretching Massager within the expert’s hack to use a spa-like massage cushion before bed. Within the segment, she details how users can customize their experience with the different modes and settings, as well as highlights the unique yoga movements that are integrated into the design.


She also touts the easy-to-use remote and how users can simply put the mat directly on the ground before use. The segment showcased visuals of the product on screen as the expert spoke to its benefits and included an image highlighting the different directions that the air chambers move to give viewers a full picture of the product’s capabilities. This segment was also posted to FOX 29’s online counterpart for an additional 1,054,076 impressions.

The BALOOM Microcurrent Face Massager was aired on The TODAY Show!

During the TODAY Style Segment titled, “Beauty trend predictions for 2024,” which reached 2,280,960 audience members, the BALOOM Microcurrent Face Massager was featured as one of the best beauty trends in 2023. The segment was also published on The TODAY Show website. NewBeauty Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Sarah Eggenberg walked through 2023’s most prominent beauty trends and started the segment off with the Baloom Microcurrent Face Massager.


Sarah spoke about Baloom’s microcurrent technology and collagen boosting capabilities, while she demonstrated using the product. Both the Baloom Microcurrent Face Massager and Collagen Booster Gels were on display during the segment.

The Best Hostess Gifts of 2023 introducing by InStyle!

In a roundup article titled, “The 49 Best Hostess Gifts of 2023 That Will Definitely Get You Invited Back,” The Baloom Microcurrent Face Massager is included as a “much-deserved” at-home spa treatment for hostesses, “designed to help address a range of skin concerns, including fine lines and acne, and promotes firm, toned, glowy skin.”


The editor notes the BALOOM Face Massager’s unique design, and mentions the device “feels great while using it, which is a huge selling point in itself – who doesn’t want a daily face massage?”

The Best Microcurrent Device in Women's Health!

The BALOOM Microcurrent Face Massager was selected as the “Most Affordable Microcurrent Device.” The article goes on to share that “this budget-friendly microcurrent device is under $60 and allows you to explore the effects of a microcurrent facial massage service without breaking the bank.”


Lastly, the editor provides a real review of the product, sharing “‘I've been using this device every day for 2 weeks and definitely notice a difference. My skin is tighter and more lifted. My eyelids seem to be lifting with every use and I see marked improvement along my jawline.’”

A Heavenly Portable Back Massager

Within the piece, the editor highlights the BALOOM Back Stretching Massager as a more convenient way to help relieve back pain without breaking the bank. The editorial provide detail on each of the massager’s various settings and modes, noting the customization it offers and how each one can help a different need.


Additionally, the editor shares that the product is “ideal for people who have general muscle tension and fatigue” and touts the convenience for storage and portability in its design.


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