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Shield of Glory

Luxury Chrome Shield

Professionally upgraded display


Best Choice for Chefs

Clear Face Shield

SG4+(5 sets)

Clear communication & Stay Protected

SG4 Clear Face Shield

values hygiene, comfort, efficiency

Block Viruses, Not Your Smile

World's 1st Transparent Sanitary Mask

Find out more about the safety, test results of our premium quality masks

Available in Canada!

Shield of Glory's products are finally available in Canada! Canadian customers, now we can lessen the inconvenience receiving our products in Canada. Please click the link below.

Arrived New Just in time

Visit Our YouTube Channel to check our Recent release of KOSHA CLASS 2 Protective Mask Ad update. If you want to find out what's so good about it, click it to see a short video clip.

Questions about Face shield?

Are you have problems on figuring out how to wear SG4 Full Face shield? Please click to watch this video for understanding how it works! We are always here to help! Let us know your questions and concerns!

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