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SG4 Clear Face Shield

values hygiene, comfort, efficiency

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Block Viruses, Not Your Smile

Proud to be the Original Brand of Anti-bacterial technology since 2008

US Utility Patent No. 8375949

Shield of Glory SG4

Professionalism with enhanced protection

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Shield of Glory

Stay Protected, Together

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SHIELDOFGLORY Hygienic Mask ensures the safety of your business with its transparent shield. The shield is equipped with advanced coating technology that prevents contagious viruses that spread through activities like talking, coughing and sneezing.


Provide friendly customer service and clear communication with the transparent mask. It is also equipped with anti-fog coating that allows you to maintain your smile all day long.


As much as we think about your customers, we think about you. SHIELDOFGLORY Hygienic Mask is convenient, adjustable, and light weight. With its replaceable parts, the product is reusable and economical. It is also easy to maintain with no need for additional sterilization.


The transparent masks stay clear without fogging up over time. I can continue to have clear communication with the customers all day long. Product is also very light and the comfortable. The adjustable band around the neck prevents me from losing the mask.

Tarek Sannah

I was always worried about the workplace hygiene and wanted to prevent any contagious bacteria while interacting with the customers. I feel a lot safer with the SG4. I recommend this product to everyone who is concerned about the infectious diseases and who hopes to have healthy environment

Chris Dunlap

I have purchased the masks and they are good value since SG4 1PLUS4 comes with multiple shields. I can use the mask again and again. The mask is also very easy to use and maintain.

Bill Shepherd


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Restaurant Employee Solutions for Mask Breathability and ‘Maskne’ Issues

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In this recent pandemic world, the face mask has become an essential accessory. The majority of research data regarding mask-wearing supports it as a key preventative measure to decrease viral spread.


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Efforts to keep us safe from COVID-19 Message from Pensacola, FL

Pensacola, FL: “Our team members love the breathability and comfort of the SG4 Face Shields instead of the cloth masks that make it hard to breath, talk, and wear over a long work shift. Guests can see our smiles and hear us clearly while still maintaining safety protocols. We look and feel human again!” (Ted Cheng, Pieology Pizzeria).

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