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KF94 3D Face Mask Individually packed (20 Packs / 50 Packs)


Non-woven fabric mask with 4 layered static filters.

The four-ply material is made up of a melt-blown material placed between the non-woven fabric. The layers contain a high-level static filtration to effectively block micro dust.



  • Comfortable Fit Adjustable nose-clip, soft inner shell, smooth and comfortable against the face allows more coverage and safety of the user. 
  • The 3D design makes users have spacious comfort under the mask and melt-blown fabric allows for durability. 
  • Enhanced Protection
  • Multi-Function dust proof, anti-odor; breathing resistance is small, comfortable to wear; breathable, smooth breathing; 
  • Quality Test Approved 

Size: Adult | One Size Fits All
Material: Static filter
EXP. DATE : Good until 3 years after its production date. (Production date is displayed on the bottom of the package)

EXP. DATE : 03/11. 2023

KF94 3D Face Mask Individually packed (20 Packs / 50 Packs)