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ETIQA KF94 Round Basic Mask 4 Colors (For Kids)

  • ETIQA mask with the highest level of protection rated as KF94 (similar to N95).
  • Quadruple filter with excellent moisture permeability and water resistance.
  • High efficiency ultra-static Melt Blown filter.
  • No.1 POPULAR MASK in Korea Now.
  • Color : Pink, Yellow, Blue, White, Black
  • Mask Grade: KF94 (Melt Blown) 4 high-function layer
  • Reusable up to 10 times by alcohol spray
  • Origin Country: Korea
  • LOHAS Certification 100- pure cotton fabric lining up to OEKO-TEX certification
  • ETIQA Airways Cotton Basic Masks are based on breathing
  • Provides more careful solutions with pure cotton fabrics that even consider sensitive skin.
  • 100- Authentic Product.
  • Made in Korea.

ETIQA KF94 Round Basic Mask 4 Colors (For Kids)