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3D Mask Bracket


About This Item

Quick Assembly Mask Bracket (3 Piece)- Face Mask Inner Support Frame that provides comfortable Breathing, used as face mask accessory- Breathing Bracket for Masks. Improved and upgraded major issues with the previous mask bracket models!


Washable and Reusable

Test-approved polypropylene(PP) plastic is safe, washable, and reusable. The 3D mask bracket can be washed with sanitizing wipes, running water, or microwave for 30 seconds.

Comfortable Breathing

The face mask bracket minimizes contact with skin by 99% by having only three tips of the product touch nose and chin, and allow the user to breathe more smoothly. Perfect use for any type of mask including disposable face masks, cloth face masks, dental masks, homemade face masks. 

Perfect Fit

The key to maximizing mask-wearing is to wear it securely without gaps or slippage. This mask bracket is designed to maintain a stable and fixed fit all day long while wearing the mask properly. It does not slip off!

Anti-microbial [Made in Korea] exclusively made with innovative technology, patent registered technology. Safety is test approved by globally well-known facilities like SGS and Intertek.

Light-weight Only weighs 0.1 oz, doesn't feel like you added any accessory on the mask. 

Product Information:

Color: White, Black 

Package Included:

3 Pcs x Bracket

Recommended For:

Please clean and disinfect before use

  • People who experience difficulty breathing with a mask 
  • People who need to talk or work long hours with a mask
  • Employees in hospitals, restaurants, cafes, financial institutions, call centers, public transportation, pharmacies, etc. 
  • The Inner Support Frame provides space between the user's mouth and mask, preventing saliva, cosmetics, and other foreign substances from adhering to the mask.

Size Specifications

Length 1.97 Inches
Width 4.33 Inches
Height 1.47 Inches

3D Mask Bracket