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Returns and Exchange Policy

Returns and Exchange Policy

Canceling items that has been already shipped from our facility is not possible. Customers are required to receive the shipment first and then return/exchange afterwards.The shipment fee for returns and exchanges are customer’s liability.
  1. Regular returns and exchanges are possible within 14 days of receiving the shipment.
  2. If the product had defect or had delivery issues, Shield of Glory will take responsibility of any
     additional shipment fees and will replace (same item that has been ordered) with new product.

How to Request Returns or Exchange:

  1. To request returns or exchange, please contact us at:
       +1 (949) 336 - 8155/7118 or via online “contact us” page.
       Return Address:
       ARSN USA, INC
       16 Technology Dr. Suite 163
        Irvine, CA 92618
  2. When sending back the product, please be sure to have proper packaging to prevent product     
  3. After receiving the returned item, Shield of Glory will evaluate the customer’s request and start the
      process of registering the return or exchange.