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1. Before use, please remove the protective film on both sides.
2. Insert shield’s hook into the opening on the center of the main frame.
3. You will hear a click when the shield’s hook is properly fastened into place.
4. To remove the used shield, press the center piece gently and pull up.


How to Replace Band

1. Place the band inside the larger hook.
2. There are additional 2 smaller openings on the sides to ensure that the neck band stays in place.
3. Insert the band into these holes by pulling the band from each side.


Neckband Function 

You do not have to worry about losing your mask. Simply hang the mask around your neck when not in use. The flexible rubber band is covered with a soft fabric material and it is adjustable to fit everyone

SG4 silicone pad on the chin support fixture is made of medical material to reduce allergies. The soft material does not leave marks on the face even after durational wear. SHIELDOFGLORY’s product is non-toxic and safe.
 Passed FDA 21 CFR 177 & ECHA (EU) SVHC Test.


Care Instructions and Precautions

1. When removing and replacing parts of the mask, take caution from damaging the transparent shield.
2. Please do not use alcohol or any other chemicals to clean the inside of the shield, as it may reduce the effectiveness of the antifog coating.
3. There is no need for additional sterilization or cleaning. Simply rinse with water. The strengthened coating will not be washed away with the rinsing.
4. After use, rinse with running water and wipe off remaining water with the cloth. Store in the provided pouch to reduce product damage.


Additional Product Information

• Convenient and adjustable - adjustable band increases wearability and comfort.
• Breathable - lets out CO2 to maintain comfortable air quality.
• Anti-fog technology - allows users to maintain clear interaction with customers all day long.
• Non-toxic - Product is made with non-toxic material that is safe for users. Allergen free medical sponge is used on the support rest and enables users with sensitive skin to wear the mask for a long period of time.
• Mascare does not require additional sterilization or cleaning solutions.
• Economical and sustainable with replaceable parts.