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Find out more about ShieldofGlory's Premium Hygienic Mask

  • PRODUCT / Why do we need wear the mask?

    Prevent viruses!

    Saliva carries more than 20,000 Viruses.
    Consequently, you are spreading thousands of viruses when talking, coughing, and sneezing.
    Shield of Glory has anti-bacterial coating on its transparent shield that will kill 99% of the germs that cause food poisoning and other sicknesses.
    Possible Applications for the Mask:
    1. Restaurants prevent saliva from transmitting on the food
 reduce the risk of contamination
 protect service providers from being exposed to viruses
    2. Dental and medical offices
    3. Tattoo shops
    4. Nail care and other beauty industry.

    Customers feel secure that their food is being prepared by providers who are wearing sanitary masks to reduce contamination.
  • PRODUCT / Who needs to use it?

    Anyone and everyone who aims to create hygienic environment and prevent sicknesses should use Shield of Glory.

  • PRODUCT / Does it fit everyone?

    Yes, all of our Shield of Glory’s masks are designed and created as one, universal size with additional adjustment band.

  • PRODUCT / Why transparent?

    The transparent mask stays clear throughout the day with its anti-fog technology. Keep your smile visible for a long time and provide the friendly customer service.

  • PRODUCT / Why Shield of Glory?

    Shield of Glory is the first in the industry to create the transparent sanitary mask.
    We possess the patent for our design and technology and 10 years of experience and research.
    Our product has went through series of tests at reliable laboratory facilities that prove its safety features. The materials we use are also non-toxic and built to reduce allergies. It is also economical. Unlike other regular masks that are disposable after single use, Shield of Glory’s Shield of Glory is reusable and built to last for up to a week. Additionally, one of our product, SG4, has replaceable shields.
  • MATERIALS / Where can I see the actual test results?

    To view our laboratory results, click here LINK to TEST RESULTS. Please contact our team member for more information.
  • MATERIALS / Isn’t it uncomfortable?

    With the additional adjustment band made of soft fabric, everyone can wear the mask easily. The mask is also light weight so it can be worn throughout the day without any discomfort.
  • MATERIALS / Does it include any chemicals listed by the Proposition 65?

    Our product does not contain any chemicals listed by the state of California and Prop 65. Therefore, you can be reassured that the mask is safe from chemicals that may cause terminal illness.

  • MATERIALS / What is Prop 65?

    According to the OEHHA (Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment), Proposition 65 was created in order to raise awareness of harmful chemicals and to enforce businesses to provide health related information. Prop 65 mandates the state of California to publish the list of health hazardous chemicals annually. These chemicals are, “known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive of 3 7 harm” (OEHHA). Under this law, a label is placed on the product to warn the public that the specific product may contain hazardous chemicals.

  • SERVICES / What if there is a problem with a mask? Can I request a new one?

    A defective mask or mask that has been damaged through the process of shipping can be replaced with a new one.
    We do not offer any refunds but we will gladly replace the defective mask with a new one.
  • PRODUCT / What if rinsing with water does not clean the product properly?

    Rinsing with running water should clean most of the everyday stains and dirt. If you have serious marks or stains due to uncommon cause, we recommend replacing the shield with a new one.
  • Purchasing Options and Payment Options.

    You can order on our website or through any regional distributors. Our online store takes major credit cards and PayPal.

  • Can I cancel my order? How do I make changes to my order?

    All changes or cancellations must occur before the shipment of your order. Please contact one of our associates on our website or via phone. We will gladly assist you in the process. ARSN USA, INC. DBA SHIELDOFGLORY 949-600-7540,7541 or

  • Sales tax exemption?

    The basic info needed for the application will vary by state. As the business owner/applicant, you are responsible for providing all information required by the state in which you are declaring exemption. This may include: US State in which exemption is being claimed Official Business Name License/Exemption/Permit number EIN number (some states) Business Entity ID (some states) Expiration date of license (some states) Sales tax license or other verification form required by your state After entering this information in the form on your My Orders page or Checkout, we will review your application within about 5 business days. When the review process is completed, you will receive an email notification with the results. If we can successfully verify your tax exemption status, any orders placed after you submitted the verification request will have their sales tax refunded. A customer support rep will be in contact with you to verify the amounts and provide receipts as needed. *Please note: If you are shipping to multiple states, you must fill out this form and provide state-specific information for EACH state in which you claim exemption. Tax calculation is based on the destination shipping address of each order.

  • Is shipping included? Or do I have to pay additional shipping fee?

    Shipping is free for orders over $50 USD. For any purchases under this $50, you are charged with the shipping fee.

  • When will it be shipped?

    If the order has been placed BEFORE 3PM (PST) business day (M-F): same day shipment. AFTER 3PM (PST) business day: on the following business day. Please refer to our shipping policy for more information.

  • How do I estimate the shipping cost?

    If you are purchasing our product on our website, you will be able to view the estimated shipping cost on the last stage of online purchase transaction.

  • Can I change my shipping address or delivery methods?

    You may change the shipping address or delivery methods before your order has been shipped from our facility. Please contact the parcel services.

  • Is there international shipping? What are the cost?

    The cost is dependent on current FedEx/UPS fee guidelines and policies.

  • How to track my order

    The third party parcel service (FedEx/UPS) will provide you with the tracking information. You will be contacted with the estimated ship date by the parcel service.