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Heavy Duty Ultralight Apron

  • A polyurethane material(PU) is a type of versatile plastic. PU leather is simply artificial leather. 100% Polyurethane apron is perfect for multipurpose applications. It resists strong acid, alkali, and oil.
  • Polyurethane material is comfortable, durable, lightweight and does not become rigid in cold environments.
  • At 45.67” or about 3.3 feet in length, this apron fits most people in various sizes. It is very light to wear and has an adjustable length neck strap that allows you to choose the perfect height for you.
  • Multiple-use perfect for butcheries, meatpacking plants, oil refineries, factories, restaurant, pet grooming and caterer kitchens, and gardening plants.
  • It is oil and liquid resistant. It repels oil and all liquids, preventing the apron from easily staining or fading. No worries about dirtying while using.
  • Very light to wear: 0.77lbs
  • Available color: Navy
  • Imported product

Heavy Duty Ultralight Apron