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Transparent Hygiene Mask & Shield

SHIELDOFGLORY Offers Hygiene Masks that are ideal for foodservice providers and other service providers to keep their workplace safe. Browse & shop for clinically-tested face masks and mouth covers ( or shields) for protection against general and acute bacterial and viral infections in the world. Show More Benefits of Transparent Masks & Mouth/Face Covers 1.   Complete Safety & Protection Manufactured from non-toxic, medical material that is safe for humans and does not trigger any skin allergy even after prolonged use. Our products guarantee 99.9% antibacterial on our transparent hygiene masks and mouth/face covers ( or shields). Our products have been successfully tested by globally recognized agencies such as US FDA, SGS, KCL, and KTR. Our products adhere to OSHA requirements for a safe/healthy workplace. 2.  Easy to Use They are slim and light-weight to wear without any visible marks on the skin. Our transparent masks are made of breathable material to ensure you can work without feeling suffocated.  They come in general size and have an elastic band to adjust for a comfort-fit. 3.  Sustainable Products Our products have patented design and manufactured whilst maintaining the highest standards of production efficiency and human safety. For instance, our MASCARE M5 Transparent Sanitary Mask and MASCARE SG4 Transparent Sanitary Open 5 Masks with Replaceable Shield are manufactured to last for more than a week.  These disposable face masks and covers help you save money without putting an excessive burden on the global environment. 4.  Basic Cleaning These masks can be easily cleaned under clean running water. They do not need any special sterilization or cleaning solutions. Remember, the anti-bacterial and anti-fog coating remains unharmed even after repeated cleaning. 5.  No Harmful Chemicals Used These masks are made using no trace of toxic chemicals like cadmium, phthalates, mercury, and lead that may have a potentially lethal impact on the mental and physical health of human beings. One-stop Shop To Order Transparent Masks For AntiBacterial & AntiViral Protection  We, at ShiedOfGlory, are committed to provide medically-tested transparent hygienic masks to our clients including Tattoo & Permanent Makeup artists, PMU Microblading, Restaurants, Catering, Cafeteria, Aesthetics, Piercing and other areas. Register or login to place an order online. If you need additional information, feel free to Drop In a Message to hear back from us. Show Less

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