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Should You Buy a Plastic Face Mask?

When it comes to face coverings, several products are available including clear face shields. You may be considering clear options for your business, but also may be wondering what they’re all about. Below, you’ll find information about their benefits, applications, and how they work.

Why Are Working Professionals Choosing Plastic Face Shields?

There are many reasons that a plastic face covering is the choice for so many working professionals.

They Preserve Communication and Connection and Are Versatile

It’s true that cloth masks cover the mouth and nose to prevent the transmission of droplets. However, these masks also completely hide the mouth, making it impossible for communication with those whose hearing is impaired.

Cloth masks also interfere with interpreting communication via the wearer’s facial expression. This is a fundamental and universal component of human communication and connection.

But when a cloth mask is replaced with a clear face mask, full communication can be restored without any loss of protection. Clear face masks can be used in any industry and can be especially useful for employees who engage with people directly. Don’t block your smile!


Teachers must participate in face-to-face interaction with students. Clear face masks can make communication and understanding easier, thereby allowing teachers to provide the highest quality learning experience. Students who wear clear masks can enjoy better communication among one another.


In a hospital setting, a plastic mask for medical workers can help improve communication between colleagues, patients, and families.

Culinary Businesses

Those working for culinary businesses can benefit from a transparent food mask, which allows the entire face to be viewed as it provides a sanitary barrier. This prevents the spread of droplets and viruses as it protects food.

Food servers, greeters, and similar employees who wear a transparent mask can maintain friendly rapport with customers without blocking their smile.

Hair Salons

Hair stylists and their customers must be able to engage in clear communication in order for customer satisfaction to be achieved. This industry can benefit greatly from clear face masks, especially when they’re worn by the customer as well as the hair stylist.

Tattoo Studios

Tattoo artists also work closely with their clients, interacting for possibly several hours in a single session. They must also ensure clear communication with clients throughout the process. Wearing a face shield helps artists achieve this important goal, which will ultimately allow them to meet the specifications and needs of their clients.


Bank tellers and other employees must engage with customers on a face-to-face basis. They must also discuss the sensitive topic of finances with each customer.

Wearing a cloth mask may make a teller or customer feel as though they have to raise their voice to be heard and understood. This may reveal sensitive information that neither party wishes to be disclosed to bystanders.

What to Look for in a Clear Face Shield

Just as with cloth masks, there are a variety of clear masks available, but not all are created equally. Where the goal is to preserve communication but also prevent the transmission of droplets and germs, any mask you choose should offer the following characteristics.

Reliable Construction

A transparent face mask cannot protect from droplet transmission unless it’s reliably constructed. The construction of a plastic mask is more involved than that of a fabric mask, because the plastic shield has to be properly sewn into the fabric part of the mask.

Reliable construction also includes a mask’s ability to make and maintain enough contact with the wearer’s face. The inclusion of a chin shield ensures the mask will completely prevent droplets from passing beyond the mask barrier.

As well, a clear face mask should be covered with an anti-fog coating. This will keep the wearer’s face visible and preserve communication.

Woman wearing a face shield


Regardless of the way in which a plastic face shield or mask will be used, comfort is incredibly important. Medical professionals and others who must wear a mask for long periods of time need to be able to rely on its comfort.

An uncomfortable mask can rub, causing pain and injury. This may force the wearer to switch to another mask that’s less safe.


Proper fit is another absolutely essential characteristic when shopping for the right product. The mask should be completely adjustable to properly fit the majority of wearers. Purchasers should be able to choose from more than one shield size so that they can get the level of protection needed.


In normal exhalation, CO2 is released into the air. Wearing a mask can often result in CO2 being rebreathed. When this happens, headaches, increased blood pressure, fatigue, and chest pain can result. Therefore, another incredibly important consideration for any transparent shield or other mask is its safety.

Any plastic mask material should definitely protect the wearer from external droplet sources and protect others from droplet transmission as well. They should also be constructed in such a way that CO2 can be released for optimal air quality while wearing.

Cost and Value

The cost of a reusable plastic mask should reflect its quality and benefits, but should also be within reach for the buyer. As far as value is concerned, the mask should provide high value with quality construction using safe and durable materials.

Ease of Maintenance

Any plastic face mask or shield for teachers or other industries needs to be as easy as possible to maintain. This means that masks should be easily removable from the chin shield, easily cleaned, and then easily placed back into the chin shield.

High-Quality, Reliable Plastic Face Coverings for Every Industry

Shield of Glory products allow you to maintain communication while wearing your mask, and help you meet social distancing requirements. Our luxury clear face masks provide you with breathability and enhanced protection in a reliable plastic frame.

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