What you need to carry when you go out during the Pandemic

What you need to carry when you go out during the Pandemic

Despite the lock-down in most states, most of us will still have to go out in order to restock on groceries or buy some essential needs. While most people are doing their best to stay home and maintaining their social distance, the spread of COVID is still tremendously higher in the US, compared to any other country in the world. There are variety of factors for this outcome, however as an individual there are things we can do to help slow down the spread. As each individual should do their best to help out our society. 

There are several things like washing your hands and wearing masks seems to be a normal task for everyone. One thing we do forget to be wary of are the items we touch when we are outside. When we go shopping or buy food, we touch other items such as food or packages, then we end up grabbing our keys or perhaps check our mobile phones. We understand that it may be somewhat difficult to avoid these actions. Similar to how some people carry hand sanitizers, a solution to killing germs & viruses on the items we carry may be a portable disinfectant spray. 

Shield of Glory has a new product that is an Antibacterial Disinfectant spray. It is a portable carry on spray that is eco-friendly and non toxic, so parents who are wary of using chemicals on toys may now use the GN Medi spray. 

Here are some of the benefits of using GN Medi's spray

  • Eco-friendly & Non toxic
  • Maintains 99.99 percent of antibacterial function and eliminates odors for up to 72 hours.
  • Removes 99.99 percent of Influenza A virus that is the same RNA virus family as COVID-19
  • Passed skin irritation test that can be used for clothing and textile products as well as doorknobs, hand straps on the metro, elevator buttons

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