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Transparent Masks For Restaurant Servers: Shield of Glory Delivers

by Rachel Kwon |

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As states have been easing restrictions for restaurants to slowly inch closer to regular business, restaurant industry workers are working hard to adhere to the safety guidelines and regulations.

According to Bloomberg News, “there were many missteps in the U.S. response to Covid-19, especially the one that stands out is the early choice to recommend against the public use of masks”. Due to the pandemic, frequent hand-washing and face masks have become mandatory for food industry workers. There certainly needs to be an adjustment period for the industry to stabilize the protocols and guidelines of the post-pandemic world. Nevertheless, restaurant industry workers are actively trying to overcome these new norms. What products will give a transparent message to customers that they are not ordering food inside a hospital, yet still display the foodservice industry’s heightened level of proper hygiene?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, making hygienic changes around the restaurant industry by adding extra protection garments only triggered negative perceptions to customers walking into their stores. Common reactions like “There must be something unsanitary with this restaurant” made many owners hesitant to add additional safety garments to their line of protection. However, the post-pandemic world has ushered in a whole new perception of restaurant hygiene. A hygienic environment for the safety of customers, in addition to the food handlers and servers, has become the top priority in doing businesses in the post-pandemic world.

Shield of Glory’s transparent hygienic mask was invented to block the spread of viruses while keeping transparency of the workers to smile and communicate with their customers. Last September, it was first introduced to the US food industry market. The industry’s impression was favorable on its innovation but somewhat hesitant at first. Some exhibitors at IRFSNY commented, “wearing gloves or washing hands is enough sanitization of our workplace” (this past March at the Javits Center, NYC). Mascare SG4 is a product with an anti-bacterial coated shield designed to protect people from easily spread viruses through saliva and particles in places like restaurants, hotels, massages shops, or any environment that requires heightened hygiene.

Shield of Glory’s current 2020 model Mascare SG4 focuses on blocking bodily fluids while allowing comfortable breathability. For the past 12 years in Asian countries, Mascare SG4 has been the number one selling hygienic transparent mask as well as the industry standard. The company continues to listen to consumers’ needs, and has worked to continually improve the product. Shield of Glory decided to heighten the size of Mascare SG4. The new 2021 model will allow users to cover both mouth and nose fully, which gives a more secure impression of full protection from viruses spreading.