The shift in how we see mouth masks

Mouth masks or face masks are usually seen as something that is only worn in the medical field or people who are sick in the hospital. Or at least in most western countries. However, majority of the people in metropolitan cities in Asia wear these masks especially during winter or flu season. The purpose is not just about protecting themselves but being considerate of others around them. If an individual is sick and decides to commute somewhere in the city, it is best to wear a mask in order to avoid spreading his/her germs. Masks are very useful in congested cities like Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong, and many more since germs and disease can easily be spread from among-st one another. 

 Another concern outside of these commuters are the workers that expose themselves to hundreds to meals or food that is provided to their customers. It is already quite common to see food service and kitchen workers wearing masks in Asia. Especially now, it is much higher concern regarding the spread of viruses/disease due to the Corona virus outbreak. The best method is preventative measure is wearing gloves, and a mouth mask. Wearing gloves in some kitchen is mandatory, but none of the kitchen in the US has a rule for wearing masks. 


The risk is that if one worker happens to be sick then it can infect not only their co-workers, but all of the food that is being served to customers. A reason for workers not wearing mask maybe the discomfort of paper masks and the appearance of wearing one. Therefore, the alternative would be a clear transparent open mask that is not only comfortable, but it will not completely block your mouth.

Shield of Glory masks provide a light weight shield mask that will prevent the users germs from getting onto the food or their surroundings. The anti-bacterial and anti-fog plastic shield will be very convenient for the user and serves its purposes. Anyone will be able to wear it since the ear strap is made to be adjustable. So, the option is try it out and see how it feels because the main rule in the kitchen is always hygiene.  

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