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News Restaurant Solution Transparent Face Shield

Post Pandemic Solution for Restaurant, Service, and hospitality industry

We are currently living in a world of mask mandate, and many types of different masks are coming out to the market due to people's concern regarding the current pandemic situation. According to the CDC website's information on how to wear masks, it explains that masks are an additional step to help slow the spread of COVID-19 with everyday preventive actions and social distancing in public settings. Shield of Glory's Hygienic mask was invented back in 2008 to prevent Bacteria that cause sicknesses like Norovirus and Hepatitis. Coming in contact with contaminated surfaces, people, and food can cause the spread of viruses easily. The founder of the invention designed the transparent hygienic mask to protect people from easily spreading viruses spread through saliva, mucus, and particles. The origin of Shield of Glory’s SG4 came when its’ inventor felt discomfort seeing food handlers’ everyday activities like talking, coughing, and sneezing, and how it can spread saliva to food and food surfaces without being aware.   Showing smiles and welcoming customers are an essential part of employees working in service industries like restaurants, hotels, hospitality, services, etc. Providing service under a fabric or cotton mask that blocks half of a person's face would give inconvenience in providing positive service for customers visiting the store. A simple rule to stop bacterial from spreading the virus is to block and stay away at least 6.5 feet from others. When problems regarding the COVID-19 pandemic situation was rising, topics on droplet transmission was also high. Droplet transmissions are primarily transmitted from person to person through respiratory droplets. Infectious droplets can land in the mouth or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs. In order to provide a safe solution for people, since 2008 Shield of Glory has been consistent to provide high preventive measures for workers in the food and service industry. Wearing a Transparent, clear mask still blocks potential infections that can be caused by everyday activities while showing happy smiles. Shield of Glory's hygienic mask only blocks viruses but not your smile. It allows transparent communication with valued customers while protecting them as well. Shield of Glory's hygienic mask was made for good intention to keep the working environment with more heightened sanitation for everyone to feel more safe and clean.

by Rachel Kwon •