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It is about caring for our customers

In terms of standard regulations, wearing gloves or wearing safety gloves in the certain kitchens are mandatory. In most corporate run kitchens or institutions it is a must. Working in a Culinary staffing agency, I was sent out to various restaurants and events as a cook. Kitchens that I have worked for such as UCLA, Marriott Hotel, or any big institution all required the use of gloves for all cook including Chefs. As a cook, most wear either hat or a cook cap. Nowadays, with the trend of men growing out their beard, some kitchens require for them to wear a beard cover as well. 

Even though, they think they all of the bases covered one key concern they haven't really thought about is the germs that we breathe out while working in the kitchen. In my experience, I have seen numerous workers that either sneeze or cough during work. While that may seem normal, from my observation I do believe that a number of them were actually sick. It may have been just a cold, but most of them would still show up to work if they are able to do so. 

The best solution to this issue is to have kitchen workers wear a face mask. The SG4 mouth shields are comfortable to wear and it is light as a feather. Since it is a transparent clear mask, it will be presentable for food service workers that are serving food for their guests as well. As you can see in the photo above, there are many outdoor and indoor events that will require the food service worker or a cook to either serve or cook the food in front of their customers. Wearing a mask will not only prevent germs from getting onto the food, but will reassure their customers as well.