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How the COVID-19 will change standard for Hygiene

Now with the spread of the Novel COVID-19 virus, the world is seeing hygiene as the utmost importance not only from a commercial stand point, but from an individual stand point as well. The government and the health Dept. advises people to wash their hands before any meal, coming back home, and after having any contact outdoors. Washing your hands might be something that is a given and should have been a normal routine despite the Virus spread, however some people are now wearing rubber gloves and disposable masks. 

These practices of social distancing and wearing disposable masks have shown to minimize the spread of the Virus in certain countries. With that being said, the hygienic standard for certain industries are bound to change either during or after the outbreak. The industries that will re-evaluate their standard will be the food, medical, and any beauty service industry. Those industry that have direct contact with their customers or something that they will consume should set a higher level of hygienic standards. 

We understand that disease and germs spread from direct contact or through the air that the person breathes. Wearing face masks or mouth masks is one way of taking preventative measures to avoid the spread of germs/viruses.