3D Mask Bracket Helps Hospitality and Foodservice Workers Breathe Easier

3D Mask Bracket Helps Hospitality and Foodservice Workers Breathe Easier

Working full shifts while wearing a mask can be challenging for many foodservice and hospitality workers, especially high traffic areas like restaurants. Social and economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted restaurant, nightlife, and hospitality workers hugely. Along with mask mandate orders, there have been numerous issues and problems rising from wearing masks daily.

One of the main issues that often follows with the mask mandate for restaurant workers is “ease of breathing” issues. Is there any solution for restaurant workers to have better breathability under their masks? It turns out there is. Shield of Glory has introduced a 3D Mask Bracket that can be a solution to the problems of working long shifts with masks.

3D Mask Bracket Shield of GloryCreating Breathability

The 3D Mask Bracket minimizes contact with skin by 99% by having only three tips of the product touching the nose and chin; thus allowing the user to breathe much easier. Perfect use for any type of mask including disposable face masks, cloth face masks, dental masks, or homemade face masks.


The key to maximizing mask fit is to wear it securely without gaps or slippage. This mask bracket is designed to maintain a stable and fixed fit all day long while wearing the mask properly. It simply does not slip off!

Easy to Wash

Test-approved polypropylene (PP) plastic is safe, washable, and reusable. The 3D mask bracket can be washed with sanitizing wipes, running water, or even placed in the microwave for 30 seconds.


After rigorous testing by globally well-known quality test facilities like SGS and Intertek, the 3D Mask Bracket has proven its efficiency. The materials of the mask bracket are also approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency as an antimicrobial agent. 

3D Mask Bracket Shield of GloryShield of Glory’s mission is to provide the best hygienic masks and products for customers to use and trust. The company has brought numerous high-quality products to market that ensure safety. The same conditions applied to this recently launched product of a quick assembly 3D Mask Bracket. Shield of Glory’s mask bracket was developed after their addressed and fixed issues with the previous generation of mask brackets. One of the major issues they found was that silicone mask brackets were frequently slipping off the face, making the person pull up the mask repetitively and touch the mask. When it comes to wearing masks, many health experts emphasize that the mask properly covering the mouth and nose will stop the spread of germs.

Shield of Glory’s 3D Mask Bracket is made with 100% safe and eco-friendly materials

Like many other products sold by Shield of Glory, the 3D Mask Bracket is made with Polypropylene, which is a chemical compound approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for non-toxicity and safety. Also being used is Antimicrobial Novaron AGZ 330, registered under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States. It is designed to be incorporated into materials during the manufacturing process to impart antimicrobial activity to manufactured products. Also, it suppresses the growth of bacterial, algae, fungus, mold, and mildew. Best of all, the materials of the 3D Mask Bracket are super light, weighing only 0.1oz.

Food safety has always been a priority for the restaurant industry. However, COVID-19 made food industry workers experience the most challenging time throughout history. Amid the pandemic situation, restaurant industry workers were left with no choice but to wear masks to maintain running their business. As a hygienic supplies company that cares about its customers, Shield of Glory is always working to provide innovative and better solutions to make people’s lives better.

To learn more about the products sold by Shield of Glory, please visit their website.

About Shield of Glory: Our mission is to provide the best hygienic products for our customers to use and trust. We want to bring high-quality products that ensure safety and health. We guarantee a 99.9% anti-bacterial rate on our transparent hygienic mask products. Proven by well-known testing facilities: our products are SGS test passed, follow Prop.65 regulations, and comply with OSHA requirements. And our facility is FDA registered. SHIELD OF GLORY’s Mask has a patent for its design and technology since 2009 (US Utility Patent No. 8375949). We are experts in research, design, and technology. In Asia and Europe, SHIELD OF GLORY’s Hygienic Mask has been sold approx. 5 million masks annually and the accumulated sales total 40 million masks over 10 years. In 2019, Awarded as the top 4 out of 500+ exhibiting companies with thousands of new products and services for restaurants, caterers, and food service, as the most innovative product in the Western Food Expo. Our goal is to introduce not only our upgraded product but also a healthy lifestyle to you. 

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