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Should You Buy a Plastic Face Mask?

When it comes to face coverings, several products are available including clear face shields. You may be considering clear options for your business, but also may be wondering what they’re all about. Below, you’ll find information about their benefits

Restaurant Employee Solutions for Mask Breathability and ‘Maskne’ Issues

In this recent pandemic world, the face mask has become an essential accessory. The majority of research data regarding mask-wearing supports it as a key preventative measure to decrease viral spread.

Orange County won’t enforce Gov. Newsom’s statewide mask mandate

“It is each person’s responsibility to wear a face covering and follow other recommended safeguards, in order to stop the spread of COVID-19,” Barnes said in a statement Thursday. “It is not law enforcement’s responsibility to enforce it.” Barnes also said that residents should “continue to use common sense approaches...

What you need to carry when you go out during the Pandemic

Despite the lock-down in most states, most of us will still have to go out in order to restock on groceries or buy some essential needs. While most people are doing their best to stay home and maintaining their social distance, the spread of COVID is still tremendously higher in the...

New guidelines and regulations for opening restaurants

In the next few weeks, several states will slowly loosen up the lockdown for essential businesses to open up which includes some restaurants. The usual guidelines for wearing masks and social distancing of 6ft is will still be implemented even after the lockdown has been released. Some states require for...

Shield of Glory Offers Hygienic Mask For Restaurant Employee Use

Shield of Glory Offers Hygienic Mask For Restaurant Employee Use “The issues that are happening today, as this virus gets closer to home, people may not go out to eat as much as they have. That is going to really hurt restaurants. But if restaurant response can show the public...

Top Industry Food Trends

For any industry, as the consumer's taste and concerns change so do the products itself. For the the food industry itself, there are a few shift in what the consumers look for and what they prefer when purchasing goods/foods. 

Shield of Glory's ideal hygiene product for food industry: "SG4 Transparent Sanitary Mask"

Show preventive measures for protection, food safety for everyone

How the COVID-19 will change standard for Hygiene

Now with the spread of the Novel COVID-19 virus, the world is seeing hygiene as the utmost importance not only from a commercial stand point, but from an individual stand point as well. The government and the health Dept. advises people to wash their hands before any meal, coming back...

The shift in how we see mouth masks

Mouth masks or face masks are usually seen as something that is only worn in the medical field or people who are sick in the hospital. Or at least in most western countries. However, majority of the people in metropolitan cities in Asia wear these masks especially during winter or...

It is about caring for our customers

In terms of standard regulations, wearing gloves or wearing safety gloves in the certain kitchens are mandatory. In most corporate run kitchens or institutions it is a must. Working in a Culinary staffing agency, I was sent out to various restaurants and events as a cook. Kitchens that I have worked...

The use of face masks

While it is quite rare to see an individual wearing a face mask in public in the western countries, it is quite common in Asia. Countries like in Japan, Korea, and China have people wearing masks during the cold season or even for daily use. Most of them are disposable...

Benefits of wearing a mouth mask in the kitchen

 In a typical kitchen there might be several cooks or chefs to that help prepare each dish. With each of those dishes being exposed from all of the cooks, it may be quite unsanitary. Anything that comes out of their mouth, including diseases and germs fall and will eventually make it...

CDC to screen at three US airports for signs of new virus from China


LOS ANGELES, CA, August 27, 2019 – Thousands of new products and services from 500 exhibiting companies for restaurants, caterers and foodservice establishments were introduced during this week’s Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo, Healthy Food Expo West and Coffee Fest all being held together at the Los Angeles Convention Center.Several Awards were...

'SHIELDOFGLORY SG4 & M5', one of Best New and Featured Products, announced For Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo

LOS ANGELES, CA – ShieldofGlory for their Hygienic Mask – was selected to top 4 among thousands of new products and services from 500 exhibiting companies for restaurants, caterers and foodservice establishments were introduced.